Alternate Reality X



How will you handle the thief in Alternate Reality X?




Facing the Undead King in Alternate Reality X




Exploring the darkness of the Dungeon





Release 0.74 (17th April 2016) of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The plan is to provide the following features:


  • Full port of both The City and The Dungeon to modern systems
  • Move your characters seamlessly between the two scenarios 
  • Expand upon the original scenarios to include new quests, locations, encounters and items
  • New interface with full screen 3D view, updated textures, new sound and music
  • Include all the best features from the Atari 8bit versions
  • Move characters easily between scenarios
  • Provide a quick, easy to use alternative to emulation




Stone of the Citadel





Currently on hold but I plan to review it this year. I plan to include:


  • Classic party based CRPG action and adventure
  • Builds on the best ideas from games such as the Ultima, Might & Magic and Bards Tale series
  • Full scenario builder and map designer so you can create your own SOTC adventures
  • Choose between pre-defined characters or create your own
  • Control between 1 and 8 characters in your party
  • A variety of new character classes, races, skills and items
  • Smooth scrolling 3D view using OpenGL and SFML or Unity 3D
  • Explore a wealth of locations including towns, a vast underworld and the perils of the wilderness
  • New features and ideas of its own















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